Rules of Multiplayer

1. Coin Arena introduction

Different arena types have the same number of phases and players, but correspond to different enter fee and prize.

  1. PACIFIC PARADISE: Entry fee is 80 coins and 1st prize is 160 coins.
  2. LONDON WALK: Entry fee is 200 coins and 1st prize is 400 coins.
  3. ARCTIC CABIN: Entry fee is 500 coins and 1st prize is 1000 coins.
  4. SECRET OF NILE: Entry fee is 1200 coins and 1st prize is 2400 coins.
  5. MT.FUJI BLOSSOMS: Entry fee is 2800 coins and 1st prize is 5600 coins.

2. How to go to the high-income coin arena?

Different arenas will be opened when the unlock conditions are met.
Unlocking conditions for each arena type are as follows:

  • PACIFIC PARADISE: Finish Amazon Jungle Level 8
  • LONDON WALK: Finish Amazon Jungle Level 11
  • ARCTIC CABIN: Finish Amazon Jungle Level 15
  • SECRET OF NILE: Finish Amazon Jungle Level 20
  • MT.FUJI BLOSSOMS: Finish Amazon Jungle Level 30

3. Why sometimes we lost more than the admittance?

In the Coin Arena, different rankings will win different coin rewards.

  • 1st player will get a lot of coins, up to double the entry fee.
  • 2nd player will receive small coins.
  • 3rd player will not receive coin.

So please try to get the first place! A lot of coins waiting for you!

4. I didn't get rewards after the coin competition

Please confirm your ranking and coins rewards amount in the settlement interface. If the coins rewards amount is 0, you will not receive any rewards.

If the settlement interface shows that you should be rewarded with coins:
*Please fill out the form to report this problem to the development team

5. What can we do with coins?

Coins are used in the mutiplayer mode. You need to have a certain amount of coins to go into different arenas in the mutiplayer mode. We will working on mutiplayer mode and make more content with it to make the coins more useful.