1.How do I change my username?

APP: To change your username, tap on your avatar/profile photo in the upper lefthand corner and click the green "Edit" button under Profile Info. From there click on the pencil icon next to your current username, make the desired changes, and tap Done and the orange "Save" button!

H5: If you play the Facebook Instant game version, please note you can only change your username to your Facebook profile username (or vice versa) when connected to the mobile app via Facebook.

2.How are points scored?

The points are calculated by the card value and NOT by the number of cards in your hand. The numbered cards are equal to face value, for example 5 equals 5 points and 9 equals 9 points etc. Action Cards are 20 points each. Wild and Wild Draw 4 cards are 50 points each. The first player to get rid of their cards or who has the fewest points in the end will win the game. Other players' points will be calculated from the remaining cards in their hands. The player with fewer points will rank higher. Coins=Points X Multiplier + Bonus.

3.How do I remove UNO!™ from Facebook Instant Games?

You can remove UNO!™ from Facebook Instant Games two ways.

From your phone, navigate to: Facebook app > Settings > Security > Instant Games > Select and remove.

From your computer, while on Facebook's website navigate to: Upper righthand corner > Settings > Instant Games > Select and remove.

4.What is maintenance? What impact does it have?

Due to the maintenance please update your app or Facebook Instant Games. It might take everyone a little bit of time to enter the game. Please let us know if it's still not working after the update. Thank you for your patience!