In-Game Purchases

1.How do I get VIP?

To gain VIP status there is an VIP Icon you can click on when you enter the game that is next to your coins. You can then click on Go Recharge for you to purchase your VIP status.

The purchase is only available on Android device and PC. Due to the IOS Facebook mechanism, it doesn't support any purchase yet. We are working on it with them. If you are purchasing from an Android Device or PC you can click on Store and then Diamond tab, on the top right corner it should say VIP Privilege button for you to purchase your VIP. Thank you for your patience.

VIP privilege is unlocked after your first in-app purchase of $0.99. In addition to receiving the item(s) you purchased you will also receive exclusive emojis, profile frames, logos, and weekly rewards for being a VIP.

2.Does UNO!™ support Paypal?

Yes! Currently the Instant Game version of UNO!™ available via Facebook supports PayPal payments.

3.How can I make purchases in the app?

You can make purchases via Facebook Instant Games on PC or Android, or if using the app on an Android device. Currently we're unable to support purchases on iOS due to the Facebook platform but we're working on it. Thanks for your patience!

4.What should I do if my purchase failed?

Sorry to hear that! Did you make your purchase via official channels? If so, and your account still hasn't reflected your purchase after 24 hours, please send us your Player ID, Device Type, whether you're playing on the App or Facebook Instant Games. and a screenshot showing your receipt. Once we have this information, our team can investigate further. Thanks for your patience!