How to play

1.Exact rule of a specific phase

Pressing the question mark button on the Phase Objective to see detailed rules. Have fun!

2.How to make a phase?

To confirm the Phase, the cards must follow the Phase rules, with no extra cards. If you are not clear about the Phase rules, please tap on the question mark button besides the Phase rules.


Cards left in your hand will be counted towards your score. With 2 or more players, the first one to finsh every phase wins. The lower score breaks a tie.

Numbers 1-9 = -5 points each

Numbers 10-12 = -10 points each

Skip cards = -15 points each

Wild cards = -25 points each

4.How to win a game?

The game ends when one player empties their hand after any player finishes their last phase. The player who both finished their last phase and emptied their hand is the winner. Other players are placed by the number of complete phases. Two players on the same phase are ranked by their score. The lower score wins.