How to play

1.What is Go Wild mode and how do I play?

In Go Wild mode, house rules are shaken up a bit:

- You're more likely to see action cards.

- If you play a "Discard All" card, you then get to discard all cards of that color.

- The Stack Rule is in play. You can stack Draw 2 and Draw 4 wild cards until a player can no longer do so. That player draws cards equal to the total. For example, you could stack a Draw 4 wild card onto the previous player's Draw 2 card, forcing the next player after you to draw six cards if he or she doesn't have a Draw 2 or Draw 4 wild card of their own.

2.How many coins do I need to play each game mode?

Fun Rules costs 80 coins to play. Classic Mode requires you to have at least 100 coins, and Go Wild mode requires you to have at least 200 coins for 2x games. For higher multipliers, you need even more coins.

3.How does the "Draw 4 Wild Card Challenge" work?

Draw 4 Wild Cards work similarly to the way they're applied in the physical card game. You can guess whether your opponent has a card of the same color as the previous card in the stack.

When your opponent hits you with a Draw 4 Wild Card, the game asks if you think your opponent has a card matching the color of the previous card. You can either say "No" and draw the 4 cards like normal. Or you can say "yes". In this case, your opponent will draw 4 cards if they secretely had a card matching the colour of the previous card, and you will draw none. However, if your opponent does not have a card of the matching colour, you draw 6 cards instead fo 4.

Example: The previous card was BLUE and the opponent changed it to YELLOW. Do you think your opponent has a BLUE Card? You have two options. (A) "No 4", if you select this option you will only draw 4 cards. Or (B) "Yes 6", if you select this option, you draw 6 Cards for an incorrect answer but no cards if you are correct. In this case, if they don't have a BLUE Card and you answer YES, then you draw 6 cards. If they do have a BLUE Card and you answer YES, then you draw no cards and your opponent draws 4 cards.

4.What is Spectate?

New feature "Spectate" has been introduced. On Facebook, it can be found under the "More" tab. On the mobile app you can spectate other games in the "Social" tab. You can spectate the matches of your friends and popular players. The list of Popular players shows matches chosen by the system according to the ranks. Here you can learn more tactics from them! The Friends list shows friends who are currently in matches, you can watch your friends' game in real time. If you prefer not to be spectated by your friends, you may change that in the settings. You can send live comments and gifts in the spectating interface, and other viewers will also see it. Gifts can increase a player's popularity.