Game Features and Tips

1.How to give gifts?

1: Tap the gift icon on the lower lefthand corner or tap on a players' cards.

2: Tap the gift you want to give.

3: Giving AR gifts doesn't cost coins and doesn't increase or decrease Charisma.

2.How to shout or challenge UNO!™?

1: Tap the UNO!™ button or shout UNO!™ via voice chat (available when the microphone permissions are granted and Voice UNO!™ is turned on).

2: When a player doesn't shout UNO!™, an icon will appear on the top of their cards. Tap that icon to challenge them.

3.What can I do if I find a player's name offending?

You can report a misbehaving player in one of the three ways:

1.Go to the Profile screen of the player you wish to report, and tap "Report" button on the top right.

2.On the game results screen, tap the "Like/Report" switch on the top right to change to Report mode. Then tap the red Report button of the player.

3.(H5 only) On the chat screen, tap the player's avatar, then tap the "Report" button on the popup panel.

Check the report type (player name/chat message) on the Report Player window and submit. We'll review your report and penalize the player once it's confirmed.


1.You can only report a chat message through the chat screen.

2.Do not abuse the report feature. Those who submit a lot of false reports will also be penalized.

4.How do I save and replay video of a game?

You can save a replay video of your match after the game ends. From the scoreboard in the top right corner select the option "Tap to Save Replay." You'll then go back to the main menu and click on your avatar/profile photo, select the "recent button" next to your player ID at the bottom and then click on the latest game. From here you can review everyone's cards and can pause at any point or fast-forward. Note that you can only save replays immediately after the match ends. There's no limit to how many you can save.