1. How to connect my guest account to Facebook?

  • Step 1: Please make sure you have logged in to your Facebook account on your mobile phone and the status is normal.
  • Step 1: Tap in the upper right corner of the game to open the SETTINGS interface.
  • Step 2: Tap ACCOUNT CENTER button into account center.
  • Step 3: Tap Connect with Facebook, then wait a while.
  • Step 4: The interface will jump to the Facebook authorization interface, please agree to the authorization.
  • Step 5: Back to the game, congratulations on your account has been successfully connected to Facebook.

2. I want to disconnect my account from Facebook

Sorry, the account that has been connected to Facebook does not support disconnection.

3. How to log in other Facebook accounts in my advice?

Sorry, if your account has already been linked to a Facebook account, you cannot contact another Facebook account again.

4. My journey progress is lost after connect to Facebook 

Generally speaking, connecting your account to Facebook will not cause your progress to be lost.
If this happens, please check if your current account is already logged in to Facebook.

*If you confirm to connect to Facebook but the progress is still lost, please fill out the form to report this problem to the development team