About Friends

1. How to play with friends?

Please enter MULTIPLAYER interface and select Play with Friends.
You can create a room, or join a room created by a friend through the ROOM ID. Hurry up and play happily with your friends!

TIPS: ROOM ID can be found in the room, let the friends who have joined the room tell you!

2. How to add another friend?

  1. Get the player ID of the friend you want to add. The player ID can be found on the SOCIAL-FRIENDS tab, tap to quickly copy it.
  2. Enter the player ID you want to add into the search box and tap ADD FRIENDS.
  3. Confirm the friend's account information in the Send Friends Invitation pop-up box, and then tap OK to send the application for addition.
  4. Notify your friends to approve your addition!

3. How to delete friends? 

TIPS: Deleting friends may hurt the feelings between friends, please operate carefully!

  1. Find the entry of the friend you want to delete in the friend list on the SOCIAL-FRIENDS tab.
  2. Tap button in the corresponding entry, then tap DELETE.

After confirming the deletion, this friend will be deleted.

4. Why does my friends list not working?

Sorry for the inconvenience! If that happened, please try to log in again.

5. Where to find new friends?

Please join Phase 10: World Tour community, there are many gamers and you will definitely find friends here!
Facebook: Phase 10: World Tour Group
Instagram: phase10_worldtour