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This is a testing for Mattel163's UNO Sudoku title!


Thank you for joining our testing for UNO Sudoku! Your feedback will prove invaluable as we continue developing our next mobile title.



If you’re using an Apple device, please download UNO Sudoku here:

If you’re using an Android device and live in either Australia or the Philippines, please download UNO Sudoku here:

NOTE: We will have more opportunities for Android users from other countries to test in the future



Once you have access to UNO Sudoku, hit JUST PLAY to generate a random puzzle, or LEVELS to begin playing through the in-game missions.

UNO Sudoku is a blend of Sudoku and UNO. Gameplay revolves around matching tiles together based on NUMBER or COLOR.



We want YOUR feedback! Please submit it by:

1)    Hitting the FEEDBACK button in-game

2)    Discussing puzzles, art, design in our Facebook group ( with other testers and Mattel163 staff

3)    You can also contact us through mailbox




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