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Data Analyst


Hangzhou, China


  • Provide data analysis support based on the whole life cycle business such as game release and AD.
  • Combined with the third-party data platform, analyzed the characteristics of target users through the investigation of competitive products, and provided the basis for the construction of user portraits and the optimization of advertising.
  • Established data indicators, estimation and monitoring system for each business, and regularly conducted data analysis, review and report.
  • Analyze and predict the impact of various policies and decisions, and provide data support for the company's major decisions.


  • Interests in gaming and knowledge about overseas games.
  • Good communication and other teamwork skills.
  • Understanding of the importance of teamwork as well as workplace responsibility.
  • Fluency with reading and writing in English along with the ability to communicate in Chinese or English in the workplace.
  • Computer games/computer science/math related degrees are preferred.
  • Chinese resume accepted.